Why My Valentine is so Much Better Than Yours

This is why:
  1. My Valentine never argues with me.
  2. My Valentine doesn’t get drunk and embarrass me in front of all my friends.
  3. My Valentine is always in the mood to cuddle.
  4. My Valentine does yoga with me.
  5. My Valentine is such a great listener.
  6. My Valentine never complains about my cooking (or lack thereof).
  7. My Valentine loves walking around the neighborhood with me.
  8. My Valentine looks damn good next to me.
  9. My Valentine never blames me for things that aren’t really my fault.
  10. My Valentine never talks about ex-lovers.
  11. My Valentine has never made me cry.
  12. My Valentine kills all the bugs in my apartment before I even notice them.
  13. My Valentine doesn’t play stupid games with me and always comes whenever I call.
  14. Best of all, I fall deeper in love every time I see those huge black eyes staring at me.
  15. My Valentine is really cute like this:
and not ugly like this:

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  1. Meri - February 14, 2011

    Awwww puppy love!Happy valentines day!Merimerigoesround.blogspot.com