Who Falls in Love with her Masseuse in Paradise?

I do! I do! 

My dearest lovelies,
I have been trying so hard to stay away from boys this whole trip.  You have no idea what a challenge it has been, however it has been rewarding.  I have been writing and dedicating much time to myself.  I have also been pampering myself..like getting massages for instance.

I was eating at a place that Angel (I will write more about him on another occasion) took me to on the beach.  It was there that I saw him.  A beautiful man with long dark curly hair and dark skin all dressed in white comes and joins us.  “This is Johnny,” says Angel.  Jenny and Johnny…already I love it.  Umm…speak, Jen. Stop staring, good Lord, you are embarassing yourself!

So what do you do here on the island?” I ask.
“I´m the masseuse.  My cabaña is right over there.”

I am totally getting a massage later.

“That´s awesome, I just got out of my yoga class right now.  It was Ashtanga..I hadn´t realized how sore my back was from carrying my backpack and purse with me everywhere for the past few weeks.”

“Well, you should stop by if you´d like.”

Done.  Totally done.

I went at sunset after tanning the whole day on the beach, hanging out with Angel.  We started talking after the massage and he says, “I feel such a connection with you, ever since I met you earlier.  Do you want to go grab dinner?”

YES!  I totally would love to! Oh my God!

Okay, so not only was my last blog about wanting to live here and finding a super sweet apartment here for cheap so that I could be an inspired writer and do yoga and eat fresh fruit and fish every single day, but now there is a hot boy who does yoga on the beach each morning and massage therapy that feels a connection with me!?!?  I am so screwed.

Ugh…Chicago…what do  you offer me?  I am so torn.  I would have to get on that boat tomorrow at 1p.m. to catch my flight Monday morning.  I am not quite sure how that is going to happen…

Off to see Johnny for dinner. 

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