What NOT to say to a girl on a date…

I won’t go into too many details but here’s what not to say or do to a girl when you are out with her on a date:

  • Why did you cut your bangs?  They looked so nice before i.e. like two years ago when you had just met me..and was it really necessary to continue to return to this subject for the duration of the night?!
  • Mention one of my friend’s ex-girlfriends and then allude to possibly having slept with her (note: this will ruin ANY chance you would ever even fathom to have to me having any physical contact with you at all – even a hug is definitely NOT happening.  Gross.
  • Text your super awesome friends that are clearly having more fun than you are right now (although probably not since they are texting) ALL NIGHT!  Really, are things that important that you need to literally stare at your phone for five whole minutes in the conversation?
  • I hate striped shirts.  I mean, you didn’t know before so it’s cool but yeah I can’t stand striped shirts.  This while I have my brown and cream striped sweater on.  That was nice of you. Next time let me TEXT you about what I should wear!
  • Please don’t force any date to answer where she would rate your physical appearance on a scale of 1 – 10 during the conversation.  This is incredibly awkward and irrelevant and just goes to reinforce how much you are thinking about yourself and trying to stroke your ego the whole time.  Especially as my opinion based on your personality gets lower and lower throughout the night.
So Jen, this sounds pretty awful, why did you let it continue for so long?
I had fun after a few glasses of wine talking shit to this guy.  Sometimes I do that.  Anyway, I hope we can be friends although if he ever reads this not sure if that will be possible. Let’s hope he thinks I’m funny and goes with it.

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  1. Ashley - November 15, 2010

    What a douche, did he at least pay?

  2. Anonymous - November 15, 2010

    Too funny.. I'll make sure to keep these tips with me at all times when I'm on a date… I'll make sure to have it up on my phone so I can spend 5 minutes reading this while on the date! Is that okay?? lol.

  3. judyrocket - November 15, 2010

    How do you *hate* striped shirts? How do you have such strong feelings against a fabric pattern?

  4. Anonymous - November 16, 2010

    I demand a name!

  5. GuerreraBella - November 16, 2010

    The identity of anyone I write about on here will be kept strictly anonymous – like you Anonymous commenter! The irony of Anonymous wanting to know a name…