The Spider Above My Head




Background music: The Cinematic Orchestra, Awakening of a Woman

Melancholy looms over me like a spider hanging on a thread
I’ve been spun into its web; cocooned inside
I’ve been eating only the gnats and the flies
I’ve been faking it for the sake of congeniality
I’ve been acting as though my limbs don’t all connect back to me
I’ve been fearful of my own progress
I’ve been living inside my head instead of the present
I’ve been putting things in my body I cannot justify or defend
I’ve been battling my own duality
Oh Noble Tigress
Oh Regal Lioness
Remember your Divinity
I’ve been crossing busy streets without looking
I’ve been dancing in crowded bars just to feel bodies touching
I’ve been sneaking in fruits of pleasure from forbidden trees
I’ve been playing that same sad tape on repeat
I’ve been looking only through dirty windows
I’ve been acting as though that’s all that I deserve
I’ve been getting distracted by cheap shiny objects
I’ve been cocooned staring at a spider’s red under belly
Passionate Woman
Unleash that Tigress; set her free
Watch that lioness consume the decay of me
It’s my unraveling
Beautiful Warrior:
So much love all around you
Widen the periphery of your heart
And see beyond
That melancholy looming over your head
Like a spider dangling on a thread

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