The only way I can describe this place is INSANE and AWESOME!

Day One in Isla Mujeres and I have already called to change my flight from a week to when I was originally set to come back home, taken laundry to get done, had a yoga class, went grocery shopping for myself, hung out at the beach and it is barely 7p.m.  Oh yeah, and my sleep last night was minimal at best on a cold bus for six hours.  I barely arrived to the island as the sun was rising.

So this place is the real backpacking deal.  For what is equilvalent to $10.00 USD a night you get breakfast, a bed, free salsa lessons, yoga and whatever else is on the itinerary for the evening.  Tonight, Monday, there are two parties going on.  There are bike rentals, scuba diving, snorkeling etc.

Given, the bed you get isn’t necessarily ideal but it is clean.  I am sharing it with five other bunkmates (it feels so weird to say that).  Today as I was settling in, one of my bunkmates asked me my plans for travel and where I had been.  I asked him what was next on his itinerary and he replied that this was his current destination.  I thought that was the most awesome answer. 

This is my current destination and it is insane.  My yoga teacher showed up late and apologized for being partially drunk for class today.  The layout of this place is insane.  It’s a labyrinth of  dorms, gardens, outdoor patios for drum circles, beach volleyball, drinking, hanging out, hammocks, yoga and massages.  I will have so many stories. 

Quick closing fact: Isla Mujeres is the first place in the republic of Mexico to receive the Sun’s rays every morning.

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