The Medium is the Message

Your smile by candlelight
Is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen
I tell you everything
That pops into my head
A thousand jesters think
My brain is the best scene
To host crazy surprise parties
They even bring those crazy, tiny jalopies
And there’s the sad clown
Sitting in the corner – ever present
Cause he just can’t get with it
I don’t know how to take it slow
I don’t do casual or the shallow
I’m a deep diver, ocean expert
Equipped with enough oxygen
And curiosity to get us pretty far
When there’s something more
I mean to tell you
Is when at which precise moment
My oxygen supply gets cut
My larynx feels a tug while
That stupid sad clown screams
One too many cautionary tales
Broken hearts scattered through interstates
Restaurant tables and even by candlelight
Oh, but I know this feeling so well
I can ID it with both my eyes closed
Breathless, mouth open so slight
Awaiting your wet kiss
Yes, I know exactly what this is
I am withholding pertinent information
From those eyes; fear does its thing
Constantly tugging at my sleeve
Because 3 words make a 3-sided anchor
And despite my weightlessness with you
I may never come back up again
1000 loud and mocking jesters
Rendered silent
Deep sea divers died for much less
My eyes speak for themselves now
For I am speechless

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