The Mayan Legend of Sac Nik Té

This is a legend I learned about on my visit to the ruins of Uxmal.  I resonated with the Mayan princess, Sac Nik Té and have taken small liberties with the legend as it was told to me.  I hope you enjoy it.

I stared at the House of Turtles under a full moon.  Uxmal – the sacred land of abundance.  We are a university city.  The teachers wear turtle shells on their chests as a testament to their longetivity.  One must be at least 50 years old to teach here.

I am Sac Nik Té, White May Flower.

I am to be married here in three days to a prince from Mayapan to strengthen the alliance with Uxmal, but I am love with the prince from Chichen Itzá.

My prince is a brave warrior of the Toltec-Maya city of sacrifice – Chichen Itzá.  I spend my nights sleepless praying to the moon goddess, Ixchel to give me the strength and will to forget my dear prince from Chichen and to marry the prince from Mayapan, a testament to my people and my love to them.  A righteous sacrifice for them.

This ambivalence keeps me roaming the governors palace in search of solace.  I haunt the courtyards at night pacing as my heart battles my mind and my mind only exists as the swallows above flying circles amidst a night sky.  I stare at the Great Temple, dedicated to Chaac, and think about how his power lives inside my eyes that swell with his grace – the same way the clouds swell before he sends down water.

“Shh…” I whisper to my busy mind and unsettled heart and fast asleep I fall.

The wedding day has arrived.  There’s fresh rabbit meat for all to eat and bulché for them to drink until they are full.  Evening has come and the public is joyous and drunk at the union of I, Sac Nik Té and the prince from Mayapan.  I hear warrior cries in the distance.  It is my dear prince from Chichen and seventy-five of his feircest warriors.  Our city is no match for them now that we are fed so well and drunk.  I am taken into his arms as the city cries and wails.  I go willingly and do not struggle against my prince´s hard chest.  My heart sings.  My mind remains heavy, tortured and burdened by the cries of my people. 

As I run into the night with my love at my side I cry for my people.  This is the beginning of bloodshed.  Mayapan and Uxmal will retaliate against Chichen Itzá.  Peace will not exist,  Many will die.  We do not return to neither Chichen or Uxmal but remain lost forever in our love and in peace in the jungles of the peninsula.

My heart will never live in peace.  I have forsaken my people.  Kukulcan, Chaac, Ixchmal!!  What horrors have I done?!  What heavy a price is paid for love.

At times, I stare across at my brave prince thinking it was all worth it to lie at his side, but I am no goddess for whom lives should be sacrificed.  I am merely Sac Nik Té, White May Flower and have only wanted peace for my people but now there shall exist none.  My people are at war as is my heart and mind.  I shall remain in these jungles in exile for the rest of my life.

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