The Fast: Day 7 – Deleting Facebook Friends

I cannot tell you how good this cinnamon tea smells right now.  It has been a full week since I stopped eating solid foods.  I find myself walking around my neighborhood smelling the fresh tortillas being cooked just for the pleasure of it.  This weekend I’ve watched numerous individuals eat delicious food while I sat back sipping my lemonade, admiring the texture of the food; noticing how people were eating way too fast and feeling very curious.
People have been asking me exactly how I’m able to not eat for long periods of time.  I’m not sure how but I can tell you this: I HATE everyone on Facebook that feels the need to post pictures of their delicious amazing food!!  F***ERS! Seriously?!  Does everyone find it necessary to take pictures of their food before eating it?   Those are the people that will soon be deleted from my friends list.  You’ve been warned.
Just kidding, I mean, I’m like Jesus when he fasted, experiencing nothing but moments of clarity and epiphany.  I haven’t been dreaming of pasta with scallops, shrimp and a spicy marinara sauce.  I haven’t been missing my regular whiskey or red wine.
Why do I torture myself by adding this picture?  I am a serious masochist..
I’ve actually been doing really well – in the past when I’ve done the Master Cleanse the detox symptoms were very unbearable.  I would experience headaches from the lack of caffeine the first day, extreme fatigue, extreme hunger pains etc.  This time around I’m going to parties until 2a.m. and dancing while watching people eat pizza and chips with hummus.  I’m working out every single day and trying new machines at the gym because I have so much energy.  I’m staying up late and getting up early.  I’m focused and my mind is very clear.  My olfactory sense is sharpened.  Colors seem brighter.  In short, I feel fantastic.  A little hungry maybe, but I feel good.
One of my yoga teachers will make us get into the most uncomfortable and difficult positions and then hold it for 5 – 10 breaths.  Usually, this is the part of the class that I’m silently cursing her very existence in my head and asking myself why on earth I decided to come to this stupid class anyway while my whole body begins to shake.  This is when she says to “smile through it.”  Having no other resort I listen and smile.  Then it doesn’t seem so hard after all.
I’m not saying this hasn’t been hard.  It is hard, but I guess I’m taking my yoga teacher’s advice and smiling through it.  Taking it one breath at a time and deleting friends on Facebook.  J  Just kidding.
33 more days to go!

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