The Fast: Day 30 and Writing Love Songs to Bread

I’m F*%$*n’ HUNGRY!!
Seriously, I’m starving.  I know people say this all the time but they don’t mean it.  What?  They haven’t eaten “all day” or “since breakfast?”  Try 30 days, bitches!
I want some hummus with olive oil drizzled on top paired with black olives and vegetables and oh my God, I miss bread.  I came home last night and was messing around with my guitar and somehow started singing a love song to bread.  It went something like this:
You’re the only white thing I like
It’s love at the first bite
I love to pick around your shell
At the soft insides
And the way you cradle
So perfectly the tomatoes
Cucumbers and lettuce too
I’ve had the French one
Italian, Panini, rye
I’ve had the Cuban
Baguette, whole grain
With olive oil, with cheese
Tomatoes and greens
Hummus oh please…
It just got worse after that so I won’t go on but seriously…Who does that?!?!
I <3 you…
Yeah, so this fast: I’m glad I’m doing it.  It’s life changing and blahblahblah but I love autumn foods and I want a pumpkin spiced latte with soy milk and no whipped cream and I want to be able to eat butternut squash with cinnamon on top.  I want to eat the caramel apple dammit!  I miss cashews so much.  Oddly enough, the act of chewing is something you can actually miss.  Sometimes when I’m drinking my juice or water or tea I start to get really sick of the act of drinking.  The swallowing becomes forced and sounds like this violent gulping.
I miss hanging out and grabbing a drink with friends.  The guy(s) I’m dating can’t figure out where to take me that don’t include consumption of some liquid or food item that I simply cannot have.   I’m getting slightly restless and if I could find a way to deliver pinot noir intravenously while simultaneously enjoying the flavor without breaking the fast I’d have done so already.
Yeah, so what if my body feels amazing and I have so much energy and I feel peaceful and clear-minded and accomplished?  So what if I’ve unpacked a lot of emotional baggage I’d been carrying around with me and put it in its proper place?  So what if I’ve proved a lot to myself regarding the amount of discipline, will power and grit I have?  I’m starving!

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