The Fast: Day 16 – The Challenges

Today someone asked if I was documenting my fast in any way and I referred this person to the blog.  I suppose not eating is kind of interesting but things are so busy on a day to day I rarely have time to think about it.  I’m starting to wonder where I found the time to eat three meals a day.
I am juice fasting after complete ten days of The Master Cleanse.  It’s much easier on the body.
Altogether today marks the 16th day of fasting which means I’m 40% done with the fast!  That in itself is crazy to think about.  Sixteen days without any solid food is pretty intense and the longest I’ve gone.  This time I’m kind of on autopilot when it comes to fasting.  I’m not thinking about it as I have in the past: like a scientist to my own body, tracking measurements, the color of my tongue; any new developments with my skin.  I’m noticing only when I’m forced to instead of a hyperawareness of my body that marked my past fasting endeavors.
There have been moments where I’m at a party and feel a pang of hunger and walk up to the snack table only to remember: oh yeah…I’m fasting..then I reach for the water instead.
The fast hasn’t been as much of a drag on my social life as I thought it would.  I have so much energy that I’m still going out until late dancing with friends or meeting people for some tea or a long walk by the lake.
In terms of how I feel: I feel fine.  I feel good.  Anyone feels great when they drop a couple of pounds, have more energy, wake up refreshed enough to not need caffeine, make fresh fruit and vegetable juice daily and refrain from alcohol for a while.
Here have been the most difficult things:
  • Hearing people talk about food
    • You never notice how much people love food until you abstain from it.  People discuss food all the time, whether it be a new restaurant, new recipes, what they ate that day.  It’s unavoidable and terribly annoying for me right now although I have been getting this weird kick out of watching people eat their meals.  As we’ve discussed, I’m a masochist so perhaps that’s why.
  • Television – enemy #1
    • No wonder America is obese.  Commercials are absolutely ridiculous for food and the worst types of food too like frozen super processed foods or fast food.  How they make something so disgusting look so damn delicious is beyond me.  Watching television is challenging.
  • It’s fall!
    • I love fall.  It’s my favorite season.  I love the leaves that change color.  I love the crisp air.  I love fall colors.  I love wearing a variety of different knee high leather boots daily.  I love the smell of outside.  I love needing a light jacket.  Most of all, fall reminds me of warm apple cider spiked with rum, delicious merlots and pinot noir tastings at wineries, apple picking and warm hearty FOOD.  It’s hard to fast during my favorite season.  Good thing I’ll be done with this by October.  Bring on the squash and zucchini with a lovely glass of Cabernet!
  • “I’ll just have some club soda with lime.”
    • Guilty! A friend ordered a vodka martini with blue cheese stuffed olives (these are my favorites) and I pathetically asked if I could lick an olive or two.  Good thing he was pretty drunk to care.  It also sucks to see all your friends getting buzzed and having an amazing old time and you’re the only one still sober.  Hanging out with people who are drinking is only fun when there’s some great music to dance to.  The plus side of this is that I now realize I don’t have to drink to have a good time. Why do I feel like an alcoholic when I say that? 
  • “Let’s do lunch soon!”
    • Uh…can we do tea instead?  How about water?  Business meetings are challenging when you attend a luncheon or dinner.  It’s easy enough to grab some club soda and pretend it’s a gin and tonic but you can’t really fake not eating.  In this case, honesty is the best policy so people don’t feel rude eating while you refrain.  Fasting can be very awkward in this type of setting.  Best to avoid it, but 40 days is a long time and September is Hispanic Heritage Month which means tons of events.
      • It’s also very challenging to have to explain yourself and your reasons to people you’ve just met in a business setting as well.  I think I dislike that part the most.  Especially because everyone has an opinion regarding what you choose to do with your own body and everyone thinks they know more too.  Gauging individuals’ reactions does become a test of character though.  That part I do find interesting.
 More updates on juicing soon!

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