The Earth is but one country; and mankind its citizens

Blogs this week are more picturesque while I contemplate the meaning of life.

I love traveling to different places and going to see the places of worship.  Locally, my favorite temple is the Baha’i Temple.  If I ever were to get married I would want to get married here (although I really don’t think that they allow weddings here).  The detail is magnificent and unfortunately camera on my phone does not do this place justice so please go here for better pictures.

The symbol here means “O Glory of the All Glorious”
I love this place because it’s welcoming of everyone, there is a strong interconnectedness between human beings no matter where we come from or our spiritual background here.  There’s an openness and quiet peace you feel as you enter the temple.
The Baha’i religion recognizes all major religions and combines the key teachings of each.
There is this quote inscribed in one of the columns that I love: The Earth is but one country; and mankind its citizens.

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