The Boxer

The colors are brighter
When your bright red blood
Gets splashed against the monotone
I met a boxer at the bar
He asked me to look at his nose
‘cause it’s been broken 3 times before
You know I can relate
I’m the shadow boxer type
My opponent knows my every move
Faces me dead on – fierce
Every time I look in the mirror
He showed me his scar
The one below his jaw
Made me want to circle around the ring
Doused in gasoline
Waiting for someone to light a cigarette
I keep bracing myself for the next big thing
He keeps destroying his body
Over an elusive victory
My left arm wrestles the right
And I keep thinking I want to take him home tonight
I want to share battle scenes
‘cause I like his crooked nose
Despite everything
I need a strong opponent
Can he handle my blows?
Takes me into the ring
Just to practice sparring
Practice becomes the real thing
The colors are brighter
With our blood
Splattered against the monotone
But this time I won’t be alone
No, this time I’m not alone

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