Stuck – Norah Jones

Typically not into Norah Jones’ older albums – too slow for me but her new album is awesome I particularly love the song posted below performed live – video isn’t great but she sounds wonderful.  Love love love these lyrics:

I’m sitting here stuck
And plastered to my seat
I think of a reason to leave
When you finally start speaking

I’ll take a a long stroll
Walked down washington street
Half asleep on my feet
Half aware if I’m dreaming

I’ll go home alone
A sinking stone
A switched-off telephone
I’ll go on briefly
A frozen breeze
A fallen down factory

I still see us swaying
But I can’t hear what you’re saying

I just lost the plot
Got a little copped
Been a little knocked
I just hit a wall
Had a little fall
I felt a swinging wrecking ball

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