Singing Over Bones

I rewound, defeated by memories
we are stuck in your bedroom
on a cold winter day
watching light growing shadows on the walls
content with each other, doing nothing at all
The quiet cold is outside
Our heat is inside; hiding under covers

Fast forward and I’m that girl
speaking to strangers at bars
her little heart dancing around
in a pretty metal lockbox
there are no shadows on walls

Her fingers fumbling around drunk
trying to remember the passcode
one click past 41, between 25 and 30
She forgot the winter days
though the leaves keep changing
the cold winds are gusting

I locked myself in my apartment
sorting through all the albums you gave me
I sang along like I could sing you back from the dead
a curandera sitting over her spells
creating altars from your notes,
art we’d made on my bedroom floor

I’m not allowed to mourn you
if I killed us in cold blood
what kind of sorrow could I plead?
I stood over the body, licking my fangs
and singing over the bones of the remains
won’t unlock metal boxes or rewind time

So my baby, you and I
a cold winter day
underneath your blankets
well that’s where a part of me stayed.

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