“Pruébame” Dijo el Veneno

“Puébame” Dijo el Veneno
“Try me.” Said the Poison

This is familiar territory
Butterflies wreaking havoc
In the pit of my stomach
Suddenly I’m reverted to
Being a 15 year old girl
And I swear I giggle like this
On a regular basis
I’m too old to have a crush
Because I know better
Than to like your eyes
Or quote the words out of
your pretty little mouth
to my friends
Words beyond an auditory sense
they don’t stream a straight line like logic
but rather float a pretty little cadence
I think I danced to it
At least I did in my head
Damn butterflies look so pretty and free
But I swear they hate me
Their precious wings
Just flap so delicately
In the lining of my stomach
I am riding this rollercoaster
Up the creaking metal rails on a wooden frame
And right before the dive
There’s a bright flash to blind me
Photo will show me on this day
Dumbly smiling happy
with my eyes closed and arms raised up high
way over my head
God, I hope you never read this blog….

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