Photos from the journey

My first breakfast in Merida, Huevos Montuñados
Zocalo in Merida
My poetry students in Maxcanú, Yucatan
He was laughing so hard as his grandmother tickled him on the bus.  I couldn´t resist getting this shot.  He has a gorgeous smile.
This is the life.  Santa Elena, Yucatan
Uxmal, Yucatan
Sr. Armando Mellenes and his bici-taxi.  He and I spoke for an hour as I waited for the bus on the side of the road.  His daughter is a grandmother at 30 years old and he works on the corn fields in Yucatan.  He was very curious about Chicago and we spoke at length about education in Mexico.
Campeche City, Campeche
My travel partner, Gibran.
At a tiny seaside stop.  Best fish you`ve ever tried.
Water lily and lily pad Gibran gave to me.  I think it was a gift for finally making peace with the ocean that day.
I was not this happy when awoken by the Howler Monkeys a few hours after this was taken.
Gibran and I swam in this lagoon at midnight and we tried to get to the island (visible barely in this picture) in the middle of the night but turned back after getting 3/4s of the way because the wind was blowing the current strongly and pulling us in an undesirable direction.  We ended up swimming back to the dock as fast as we could.  Awesome midnight adventure.  The lagoon looks so much more innocent and calm in the morning light.
One of the many wonders of the jungle.
Peace. More freckles and maybe a little sunburn.
Last night.

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  1. Raton Modesto - February 3, 2011

    The picture of the guy on the cart is great, so iconic