Paradise vs. Home

I am in paradise.

There are no cars here.  The roads are made of sand and the closest thing to cars you see are little golf carts.  All the dogs run around here free yet they look very taken care of with collars and at healthy weights.  People care for their animals here.  Everyone is so friendly and relaxed.

Me…I am all decked out with seashell bracelets adorning each ankle and a golden tan.  My neck line has a new inhabitant in form of a gorgeous seashell necklace with coral stones.  I wear a huge sunhat and wander everywhere barefoot.  I eat fresh fruit and seafood everyday and as such my hair has a healthy shine from all the fish oil.  My black hair is getting longer and I feel it caressing my bare back often.  I haven´t even looked at makeup for days.   I feel so healthy, more healthy than I´ve felt in a long time.

I would be lying to you if I didn´t tell you that I went to check out an apartment here this morning.  For $166 USD a month I could live here comfortably just three blocks from the most beautiful beach.

My mind is racing with ideas as to how to stay like I could give tarot card readings on the beach to tourists and my buddy who is house-sitting for me in Chicago can sublease my fully furnished apartment and I could do my taxes online and see if I can get some work as a freelance writer.  I could make friends with the fisherman here and charm them into feeding me if I do the cooking.  I could give shoulder massages on the beach or maybe start some other type of business here.

Immediately my future is flashing before my eyes.  Do I really want to go back to Chicago? It is cold there and the people don´t graciously greet you good morning as you walk down the street, instead they avoid your gaze, perfectly intent on their direction.  Chicago where the days come and go so quickly that you forget the seasons.  When its winter you wonder why you live there and then when it is summer you remember why you do but forget the horrid winter.  You just cant win.

I can see my life here.  They have a yoga class at 9a.m. every morning, Kundalini, my favorite style.  I can see myself eating fresh fruit all day and writing all night inspired by the ocean and waves.  I can feel myself in this life.

I think better about my purpose, and as much as I wish it was, it isn´t tucked away on a tiny island.  It is among my people.  I know I have a lot of work to do.

So here.  Now.  Heading to the beach.  Chicago, I don´t miss you yet but I´ll see you soon.

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  1. Meri - January 28, 2011

    Hmm- you're making me want to run away to Mexico too :) Enjoy the warmth while you're there!