No More


No more maneater

No more ice queen

The resurgence of the in between


No more ardent lover

No more violent hater

All the more serene


Maybe this is called authenticity

This is a surfboard unsinking

This is what it is to own energy


She’s keeping her silence now

Less and less apt to feel the need

To fill the space

No more tough girl act; defense machinations

No more external validation

Who’s really the one keeping track?


No more drama unnecessary

No more over controlling

Live and let live; give get and give


No more people pleasing

No more overly friendly

Oh the beauty of boundaries


She’s more careful these days

She’s more thankful these days

What’s hers is hers alone


No more clinging to definitions

No more unchallenging the latest version of me

Ode to finding simplicity within complexity


It’s much less sexy

When you’re no longer the life of the party

But how enchanting to know where you’re going


No more clinging to ideals

No more holding onto all that is fluid

Finding the light and love in uncertainty


Letting the universe hold me



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  1. Candis Oakley - September 15, 2013

    Love, love, love..