New Moon’s in the alley and its madness calls to me

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I have been trying to sleep for an hour. I’m going to attribute the restlessness to the fast as I usually am pretty good about sleeping. It’s not until later on in the fast that I usually start feeling restless–they say that it’s because of your body not using you energy to do digest that you have extra energy. I’m not sure that’s true since my body should be using it’s energy to cleanse my cells and detox me.

Ah well, guess I’m up for the moment. I did tarot readings for this event called Give Peace a Dance. It’s this really awesome event every 1st Saturday of the month. There are drum circles, a fire pit outside (which is my favorite thing there), different healers and readers, thai massage, reiki, dancing, etc.

Anyway, for every single person that came in for a reading I kept pulling out The Moon card from my deck. See the definition for it here. but I have The Goddess Deck so the definition is slightly different. My deck is slightly gentler than other decks and that’s part of the reason I enjoy working with it. It’s a lot lighter and embued with feminine energy.

The definition for The Moon in this deck is as follows:
The Moon is represented by the Roman Goddess Diana.

“The changing moon reflects the cycles of nature, its light influences all growing things–plants, animals, and humans alike–for better and for worse. Diana reminds us of our connections to these cycles and that, like the moon itself, what is empty will, in time, become full if we are patient.
General Meanings:
The receptive, nurturing aspects. Intense emotions. Vivid or lucid dreams. Intuition. An opportunity to work on your relationship with that which truly nurtures you.
Reversed: Uncomfortable emotional states, uneasiness with intuition, maternal figures, women. Feeling as changeable as the moon…”
-The Goddess Tarot

I felt that even though I was giving other people readings and this card kept coming up it was because there was some sort of global consciousness of unrest at the moment that is causing each of us to either really truly listen to ourselves for guidance amongst the craziness or avoid using our intuition at all costs – which unfortunately was true for most of the people I read for. In many ways I felt like the moon was trying to deliver a message to me that night.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Our Great Mother and the messages she is trying to deliver to us now. It seems the rapid pace of everything is catching up to us with all the earthquakes and natural disasters that are happening. She’s trying to wake us up.

It’s 5:16 a.m. on a Monday morning. I’m up.

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