Mystical Prince

I spent years dwelling in a reality that didn’t exist

One of forced unhappiness as punishment

For all of my supposed sins

But I’m a reformed atheist

Seducing the mystical prince

Because beliefs are nothing more than

Ethereal concepts to be deconstructed

And discarded then believed again

Belief never does happen with just our heads

I’m calling you out because we’re both the 1%

And those glimpses of this greater force beyond the “you” and the “me”

are just a clear lens looking at a mirror reflecting truth



Artwork by Sam Rodriguez:

Artwork by Sam Rodriguez

If truth isn’t absolute then it’s just as fleeting

As each moment and the Now and everything thereafter we are building

Words on paper act as semi-permanent reminders of a “this” and a “we”

All this is to say:  I really enjoy your company

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