My brother and me on Parenthood

George, my brother, was holding our 1 year old baby cousin when I realized what a great father he will be one day. I told him so and he replied with a thank you. We were taking our other cousin downstairs to look for a movie when I told him I thought I would make a horrid mother.

My other cousin, Sophie, was trailing down the stairs after me at that point and while I was distracted she yelled “Hey wait for me!”

Case in point: I practically forgot she was there. I’ll be a typical Aquarian mother I figure: leaving the kid’s toys in the freezer and worrying more about my dogs than my kids.

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  1. Angélica - August 26, 2010

    I read through a few of your blogs and am utterly entertained by your wit! Keep them coming! :)

  2. Anonymous - August 27, 2010

    Now now now you are what you proclaim. In time you will be ready to be a mom and its wondeful when you are but until then ENJOY your life. I wait till I was 40 and its great sometimes a bit scary but such a beautiful blessing. Take your time and when the moon shows you that light you will too be an amazing Mom.