Merida: Day 2

Okay so I know I said on rule number 4 on A Girl´s Backpacking Guide that one shouldn´t drink when they are backpacking.  I also know I may have posted several pictures on Facebook last night of Banderas (these delightful shots that are the colors of the Mexican flag which include lime juice, tomato juice and TEQUILA), HOWEVER if you are with family you haven´t seen in five years, it´s TOTALLY OKAY because you´re not wandering around ALONE which was the speculation under which I wrote that guide.

Aside from the drinks, I am in awe of the architecture here.  I am wishing I were a better photographer.  I am obsessed with the large wooden doors that are massively tall and make every building feel like it´s a convent.  Even better when they are slightly delapidated.

I am in love with wandering the streets of this city, but I am longing to be closer to the elements so I´m heading to this tiny little fisherman´s town for the weekend.  It´s very quaint and the whole town naps outside of their houses on their hammocks in the afternoon.  All they eat there is fish!  It´s a virgin beach still with little tourism and my cousin and I are going to have an amazing little weekend eating fresh seafood and swimming in the ocean while working on our tans.

Everyone stares at me here and I´m convinced it´s because of my Casper-like complexion.  They almost seemed relieved when I explain that I´m from Chicago and we only see the sun for three months a year.  It´s like they found out I don´t have some crazy disease that makes me look like a vampire or something.

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