I know it’s been a while..

I ate.

I had an orange. I feel so full. I made myself some veggie broth with 5 carrots. I’m stuffed–I feel like I sat down to a five course meal.

Of course, I’m the worst at breaking the fast. I did 13 days. I lost 15 pounds. I could have gone longer but I was really missing eating and having some sort of social life (which is pretty damn hard when you aren’t eating or drinking).

What have I come away with:
I think this fast really accelerated me dealing with a lot of emotional issues. I gained a lot of clarity and perspective and I made a promise to take care of Jen first. No one is going to come between my excellent relationship with myself. I’m glad I did this when I did because it boosted my confidence and I feel very in control of myself and of my body. My energy is flowing again instead of this depressed stagnation I was in.

I got the keys to my new place today. I can’t wait to move in.

I’ve been feeling really good lately. I’m amazed at my own sheer strength and capacity to deal with the recent things thrown into my world as of late. I’m quite proud of myself. Now I just need to sum of the courage to pack up the rest of my things here and finally be done with this temporary home. 5 months of my life here. I’m glad I’m leaving because this place just reminds me of him.

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