Hypnosis in Calakmul

I wrote this when I was in an enlightened (the only way I can describe how I felt) state on top of Calakmul’s 2nd largest pyramid.  Calakmul is a huge Mayan site located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in Campeche, Mexico.  The depiction below describes me in a state that I wish I could be in forever.  Time stood still, I felt as though I belonged to that place in that moment.  If the writing lacks description it’s because the noise in my mind had silenced.  I needed to write this today to remember what it felt like.

The air tastes sweet – the smell of sweet Jasmine flowers perfumes the air.  I feel like I could stay up here all day – so in peace.  Maybe it’s the hike it took to get up here or maybe it’s the quiet and only the sound of birds and leaves rustling.  I’m in a hypnotic state almost so blissfully peaceful.  No body part bothers me; not even the toe that I broke or the blister on my right pinky toe.  Not even my legs that were sore from yesterday’s hike; not even my back from hauling my 40 pound backpack in and out, up and down, out and around.

I feel as though each time the wind blows she’s a hypnotist snapping her fingers and saying “deeper!”  I don’t mind the ants crawling all over my body, nor do I mean being left here alone.  I take a breath and all the trees appear a lusher green than I had see before.  Colors dance before me and “deeper!” the wind blows once more.

More about Calakmul here.

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  1. Meri - February 26, 2011

    I've felt in states like this before. Sometimes my mind is quieted as well, and sometimes it is not, and it's only my body.Lovely memory!Merimerigoesround.blogspot.com