How to find a husband – tips from my mother

Mom:  ”Jenny, will you please stop writing about feminism on your blog so much?  You will never find a husband that way.  Men don’t like feminists.  I could put gas in my own car, but why should I when your father does it for me?  Sometimes it’s nice to have men do things for you, they like it…”

Me:  ”Okay, well I love it when men do things for me…I would never try to stop them, really..”

Mom: “Good, men don’t like feminists.  Write about other things.”

Me: (laughing hysterically at this point) “okay.”

There you have it, friends.  This is my official last post on feminism because I’ve been known to be only the most obedient daughter.

I think I might write a book on feminism know, to attract a husband.

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  1. Lizzie - October 25, 2010

    I would most definitely read that book :) .

  2. asoto - October 25, 2010

    Sandwich of hate….too funny

  3. judyrocket - November 7, 2010

    My aunt kept trying to set me up with this one boy. I responded by saying things like, "he never took initiative, we don't live near each other anymore, etc. etc." Finally, after she elaborated on yet another plan to get us together, I burst out, "I just don't LIKE him!" She seemed surprised–some how I apparently gave her the impression that I did–but she finally dropped it.