How To Diss a Vegan

I had spent the entire day becoming more intimate with my two new vegan cookbooks and cooking up a storm.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  I had invited my brother over for some much needed sibling time.  My brother rode his bike all the way to Pilsen from parent’s house in Schiller Park.   That’s at least 20 miles!  Luckily, I was prepared for such an occasion with a fully stocked fridge.
My brother tends to always be hungry and yet he is skinny.  I hate him.  Furthermore, I wanted to feed him considering I had spent all this time cooking a variety of different meals.
I had made lentil soup in the slow cooker, roasted eggplant with quinoa, “chicken” fajitas with black beans all of which were fresh, warm and delicious.  I guess you go kind of crazy when you can’t cook for 40 days, plus I was being squirrel-like and preparing for the week ahead.
My brother walks in and immediately I’m badgering him about what I could feed him (also, I think this is a Mexican female thing where you want to feed men…it’s weird but I digress).  We go back and forth for a while until he looks at me all serious-like and says: Jen, I respect your decision to become a vegan, but I will not allow you to subject me to this type of “food.”
Me: wha?  I mean it’s good, it’s just vegetables.
Him: Exactly.  That’s precisely what I mean.
Me: but everyone eats vegetables!
Him: You know what I ate today, Jen?  I ate like four different animals.  In fact, I don’t even know what types of animals I ate.  Could have been tilapia, could have been salmon, who cares?  Then I’m pretty sure I had some cow, chicken and pork.
Me: Wow, good for you! Murderer! (under my breath)
HimIt’s just the way the world works, Jen.
Me: You should at least try something, I’ve been cooking all day and I know you’re hungry.
Him: I’m fine.
He probably ate one of these too.
Twenty minutes later, I heard this popping noise coming out of the kitchen.  I walk out to see what it is and he had the nerve to make popcorn!  I made all of this delicious, hearty, fresh and healthy food and the $#*&@! makes popcorn!!!
Then he looks at me and smiles and says: this popcorn is vegan, right?

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  1. Anonymous - October 25, 2011

    hahahahahaahahahaha!!! Best part of it all is he came to my house the next day and ate an all vegetarian meal. Sibling winner!!!–Jugal

  2. Kennyetta - October 25, 2011

    hilarious! Go George!

  3. Anonymous - October 28, 2011

    The nerve!! Haha! – Love, Mary