How To Attract Creepy and or Crazy Men

Why is it that the guys I seem to attract are crazy, creepy or just wrong altogether? I think I have identified key factors about myself that may be contributing to this:
How to attract crazy and creepy men:
  • Talk about living with wolves.
  • Be obsessed with dead baby jokes. (Although I have seriously made some progress here…)
  • Go to bars by yourself just to sit and draw or write poems.
  • Wear feathers in your hair.
  • Talk about your passionate love for chess.
  • Be slightly domineering and assertive (for some reason, crazy and creepy men love strong women).
  • Be open-minded (to the point of allowing weird conversations go on way too long).
  • Have crazy parents to begin with that are at fault for placing you on the path to being accustomed to crazy behavior from others. (read here for more background)

How to be a creepy and or crazy man:

  • Buy me Barbies for my 27th birthday (this is never an OK thing to do for ANY adult woman’s birthday).
  • Stare at me every single time I get up to go to the restroom in the hallways of my office.
    • Now this particular person has graduated to saying hello. I don’t respond. No one likes to STARED at every time they go to the restroom.
  • Take pictures of my apartment when I am not there.
  • Ask me to kiss you after asking me if I have ecstasy pills on me.
    • L.A. clubs are kind of crazy. Do I look like I have drugs? Seriously…
  • Love Jesus a little too much and or think I am going to Hell. (please see here)
  • Ask me to wear my hair a particular way prior to going out with you (yep, didn’t end up going out with him after that).

Sadly, all of those things mentioned above REALLY did happen to me. Even sadder is that there hasn’t been a normal instance to balance any of the creepy crazy instances out. Disillusionment and fear is settling in rather quickly.

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  1. Tony - April 6, 2011

    HaHa! At least you know this about yourself. Step #1 is admitting you have a problem. jk… maybe

  2. Demitria - April 19, 2011

    Barbies?! Wow, super creepy. All the things about you that attract creepy men also make you awesome…too bad all the crazies think so too :)