How I Really Haven’t Changed Much Since I Was 17…

I’ve been staying at my parents all weekend.  Every time I spend an extended period of time in this house I can’t help but remember my childhood growing up here.  I revisit old books I loved so much I wore the spines out.  This past weekend I found my journal from when I was 17 years old – going on to my senior year in high school.

Let me just quote some of the ridiculousness here:

July 30, 2001
The world is fake and the reality becomes the superficiality of the world, but if perception is reality than is everything just some big illusion?  Is the world a lie?  There is corruption at all levels and I wonder where the honesty went and what happens when it’s all gone.  Is it all gone?

Typical thoughts for a 17 year old kid…

Or this gem:

I wish there were no price for freedom.

Really Jen?! This is hilarious.  Or how about quoting Catcher in the Rye (I can totally tell I was reading this book by my style of prose at this particular moment by the way):

It’s funny.  All you have to do is say something nobody understands they’ll practically do anything for you.  -J.D. Salinger
Composition Book
There’s a shocking amount of things written about boys that I don’t even remember.  This brings me some peace 10 years later knowing that the guy(s) that I crush on now I probably won’t remember later.

So if you’re wondering if I was always this intense, the answer is yes.  Also, reading this brought on a humbling realization that I haven’t changed much.  I still talk about the existentialists and the fate and plight of humanity and of course, guys. Though, I’d like to think I’m slightly more optimistic in my philosophical approach these days.

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