Five Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Vipassana

Vipassana meditation is the original meditation of the Buddha.  There are hundreds of Vipassana centers worldwide that will teach this meditation.  To find a Vipassana center near you please visit:

Everything is impermanent:  If you’re a business owner you experience various highs and lows. There are times when business is booming so fast you can’t even keep your head on straight and other times where you’re on your knees unsure as to how you’ll pay the bills this month.  Vipassana teaches you that everything is impermanent.  This provides solace during the leaner times and a stable and consistent demeanor when business is at its peak.   Vipassana gives you a balanced and stable frame of mind; a better foundation to ride the waves of an ever changing economy.

Clarity:  In order to see the forest for the trees you must come from a centered and clear place that isn’t clinging to the past or a future ideal.  To be present is clarity.  To succeed in business, one must understand his environment – the way the leaves rustle in the trees right before a strong wind or the sound of the crunching below the feet of a potential predator/competitor.  Clarity allows you to intake information at the present moment in order to consistently assess and reevaluate your present actions to impact the future of your long-term vision.

Pragmatism: Considering many people in the business world dismiss meditation as a wishy washy practice, this might be a surprising side effect for non-practitioners.  In Vipassana one practices seeing and experiencing things as they are.  This rational and logical practice is extremely beneficial to any business owner.  In business, you must possess an awareness of what is happening all around you; seeing things as they are, not as you would like them to be.  This heavy dose of realism is what is necessary to base current decisions on, not a hope or desire of what may happen, but what is currently and actually happening.


Vipassana Center, Chennai, India

Experience: Vipassana teaches you to be present and in the moment with each experience you’re co-creating with others or having with the rest of the world.  This experiencing of the moment leaves you open to allow things to be as they are, evolve as they will without having preconceived notions of what should or shouldn’t be.  This is a strong breeding ground for innovation.

Grit and Determination:  Vipassana is really hard.  It demands ten days of sitting still, in silence for ten hours a day.  It’s a warrior’s meditation, but if you choose to do it and you fight past your initial desires to leave or to not finish – that says a lot.  Vipassana teaches you to sit still, face your discomfort head on and draws an inner strength from you that you may not even be aware of.  Entrepreneurship demands that, the determination to stay up all night finishing projects by deadlines; the grit to sit through anything that might come your way.  Usually, by the end, you feel pretty good anyway.

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