Did you seriously just call me that? Do I know you?

To all the men that just meet me or have a casual friendship with me and think they have earned the right to call me babe: think again.

I am not your babe.  Furthermore, this makes you look incredibly sleazy and it annoys the hell out of me.  It is condescending.  How would you like it if I started calling you little pet names after just meeting you?
The worst ones TEXT you like “hey babe, thanks for that information – look forward to our meeting soon.”   Many things are wrong with this:
  •          This is business.  I don’t call you sweetcheeks in communicating with you during a meeting or via email or text, do I?
  •          You are texting me or emailing me and INTENTIONALLY TYPING the word babe.  You may think you’re being cute or hip because I’m young, but you are very mistaken.
  •           Just because we are drinking and hanging out in a casual atmosphere does not give you the right to call me babe.  You can call me by my name, thanks.
  •          Calling me a pet name must be EARNED – it is not given just because you deem yourself worthy.
Give a girl a break.  Don’t call me babe unless I’m dating you or you want to be called sweetcheeks in reply.

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  1. judyrocket - November 10, 2010

    I've lost the nerve to even call people I *am* involved with names like this. I was typing out a text to a guy who I've been in a long term, long distance flirtation with, who HAS called me babe occasionally without qualm, but *I* couldn't do it. It was a finger versus brain struggle for a good five minutes.

  2. Katrina - November 14, 2010

    I feel the same way about "cutie." Guys, using these names only results in one thing, FAIL!