Day 7: The Jungle

I am staying in some bungalows in the middle of the jungle along the Ruta Puuc.  I came in yesterday in the afternoon and fell asleep in the hammock outside and awoke to about twenty mosquito bites and darkness through the trees while the sounds of exotic birds and insects that I didn´t recognize buzzed around me.

Angry at myself for wasting time sleeping during daylight and for not bringing any bug spray or a flashlight I decided not to waste a day and go into the town even though it was far.  I walked a kilometer or more into the small town.  The night road was a little unsettling with the unfamiliar noises and the unfamiliar trees looming over me.  Luckily it´s almost a full moon.  That was enough to provide sufficient light to town.  I had no idea where I was going really because I´m not the type of girl who is into looking at maps and what not so I relied on my ears, which I thought were leading me to the center of town but low and behold they led me to a high school marching band.  Ridiculous as I felt, in a tiny non-tourist town watching twelve students play drums with nothing else around I asked for directions.

I got to the church and met another couple looking completely out of place.  They were from Belgium.  The man´s spanish was decent but I helped him get the next day´s bus schedule anyway.  He asked me if I was travelling alone.  I told him yes.  He then asked: isn´t it a bit….lonely?

I hadn´t really thought about it that way…

I pretty much have to hitchhike everywhere…cept I have to slip people some pesos for the ride.  There isn´t very good public transportation and thank God I speak the language.  I don´t quite know if I´d manage here without it.

Uxmal today.  Campeche tomorrow.  More pictures soon.

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  1. asoto - January 19, 2011

    Hey Jenn, It sounds like your having an amazing time. Keep updating us on your trip. Safe travels!