Choose your own adventure series: Mexico.

In this case, it’s choose my adventure really…

I’m nervous about my upcoming trip – nervous because I leave in two days and I’m terribly sick with a cold.  Worse than that, despite having the time to do so, I still haven’t managed to plan out my trip or route.  I have an idea of the activities I’d like to do but haven’t planned those out either.

Who gets anxious about her vacation? Moreover, who gets anxious about a trip she is taking by herself strictly for herself?  I do!! I do!!

I was telling a friend about this and she suggested I pick a theme for the trip and focus on the theme throughout my activities.
Perhaps one could be investigating Mayan spiritual practices, both past and present.  Maybe I could go out there, fancy myself a journalist and then write about what I find.  I could visit temazcales, ask to speak to the village’s medicine men and write a perspective on the ways of the Mayan healing.
Or maybe I dedicate the journey to sensual pleasures (non-sexual ones, pervs).  I could do a journey of the senses taking in the delicious scenery, the beautiful food, the sensation of hot sand beneath my feet or the cooling of an ocean breeze blowing softly past my salty arms. 
Another interesting theme might be the people.  I could try and meet as many people as possible and write their stories of hope, despair, life lessons and joys.  Through their voices on my journey I might find one that uniquely resembles my own…
So what do you, dear reader, think I should do? 
A spiritual journey through the investigation of ancient indigenous customs?  Indulgence of the senses through bodily pleasures in one of the world’s most beautiful of places? Or a character study of culture in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula?
Please post your comments or suggestions below.  Here is a map of where I will be.  I have fifteen days there.  I leave in two.
Quintana Roo and Yucatan state are on the agenda.  I am not leaving Mexico and only heading to Campache is there if time.

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  1. Raphael - January 9, 2011

    Dear Jen, please make the theme of your vacation "Indiana Jones." Wear a big hat and carry a whip, and narrowly escape hidden Mayan death traps. Also bring me a souvenir.

  2. GuerreraBella - January 9, 2011

    Hmm…got the big hat already…

  3. Anonymous - January 10, 2011

    sería interesante que lograras una mezcla armoniosa de todos los temas, me cuesta trabajo decir cual es mejor, gracias de antemano por crear una proyección positiva de éste País que tanto lo necesita.Angélica