My visit to Aruba was amazing.  I saw my brother and new sister wed with a gorgeous sunset behind them and celebrated the union with family.

Some photographic highlights:

familia George and Sandra drunk Sister vows wedding cake whole family


As my brother’s only sibling, I prepared a special speech about my dear brother, George:

George is the type of person who will give you the shirt off his back, then sometimes he will even give you his shoes too before realizing he might need them.

Most of you know George as a wanderlust world traveler, a restless and carnivorous nephew or cousin, an idealistic hopeless romantic dreamer or maybe just an intensely loyal friend.

I have had the good fortune of knowing him as a brother.

Growing up, he was the only one with enough patience to explain my algebra homework to me.  He taught me how to cheat in monopoly though he might not admit to it. True to our sibling rivalry, George has constantly challenged me to ride the biggest roller coaster and to only show fearlessness in the face of adventure.

He has also been the guy I’ve called crying and heartbroken at 2a.m.  He has been my date to many a party when I was young and awkward and knew no one. He’s known to comfort me when no one else knew I was sad and he is always the first person I call when I am in a jam.

Through all of this, George has taught me, maybe others here too, how to love; purely and without expectation.  To show generosity unprecedented and how to support another person, whether with advice, affection or a listening ear.

Sandra, they say when you get married, you marry the family.  This might seem daunting as you’ve seen just how loud and opinionated and half crazy we can be.  We fight with love and we love fiercely.  As a new member of the family, you may feel overwhelmed by visitors in your new home, you may feel exhausted at coordinating holiday plans but I promise you this: you will never have to go through anything alone. 

I wish you both a beautiful partnership and marriage.  May you grow together, challenge each other and support one another always.

To my dearest brother, George, and my new sister, Sandra – a toast!

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  1. Oscar Huicochea - October 10, 2013

    Awesome speech!! Looks like it was a great wedding! Saludos!